Irs scandal

The goal is clear: if the media ignore this scandal long enough, it will be treated and dismissed as old news. By: leandra lederman it is well known that the irs was accused in 2013 of targeting tea party and other conservative groups for delays in their 501(c)(4) applications for tax-exempt status. Irs, tea, party, scandal report: irs still giving bonuses to tax-cheating employees 2/15/2018 4:57:32 pm cathy burke. No sooner did president obama claim last week the irs scandal was just a mirage than new evidence emerged to show it was anything but the conservative group. Judge andrew napolitano weighed in on the announcement that lois lerner will not face criminal charges over the irs scandal. Four and a half years ago, the irs revealed that it had subjected numerous conservative political groups to excessive scrutiny, delays, and demands for paperwork a scandal was born. Some irs bigwigs work in washington but live hundreds - or thousands - of miles away, billing taxpayers for weekly trips to their regular 'offices' one executive spent more than $283,000 in. Nonprofit organizations dedicated to social welfare are not required to apply for irs certification in order to operate under section 501(c)(4) tax exemption rules.

New documents obtained by government watchdog group judicial watch show the irs targeting scandal was more expansive than previously known and show irs officials admitting the tactics used. The justice department and the fbi have told republicans what they didn't want to hear about the imaginary irs scandal. Evidence: irs collected donor lists & hid secret research read the official judicial watch press release. Monday, february 12, 2018 the irs scandal, day 1740: former ag eric holder says doj should not have apologized for irs targeting of tea party groups. Judicial watch has taken the lead in exposing the obama irs scandal our legal and investigative efforts have blown the scandal wide open and we continue to push for more information.

Clinton emails reveal additional mishandling of classified information the irs scandal is still a scandal clinton emails reveal additional mishandling of classified information we continue. Most nothing-burger faux scandals merely fade away, but sometimes they reach a definitive end so it is with the irs “scandal” from a few years back, in which republicans claimed that.

The scandal ulimately forced lois lerner to resign from her post at the irs. Senior editorial page writer collin levy on the government’s argument in a case concerning a pro-israel nonprofit photo credit: associated press. Investigative journalism for non profit organizations on philanthropy, fundraising, governance and policy.

Irs scandal

Cnn’s jake tapper, like many journalists, covered the now-debunked irs scandal regarding politically motivated scrutiny as ‘outrageous’ news in 2013.

  • Irs news and opinion the only way to know for sure is to see his federal income tax returns but there is indeed evidence already in the public domain that suggests that, on top of being a.
  • The obama administration and its defenders have done their best to downplay the irs’s targeting of conservative groups, and to distance the president from the scandal.
  • In 2013, acting director of exempt organizations at irs, lois lerner, apologized to tax lawyers for the irs's inappropriate targeting of political groups.
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So about those missing emails photo by chip somodevilla/getty images like many people who were supposed to be finishing something, i wasted a little time on facebook today, and came. Lost emails, destroyed hard drives, foot dragging, stonewalling, and a smirking, sneering irs commissioner doing his best to obscure the truth -- this has largely been the response by the. In its seminal article on the irs scandal from may 2013, npq referred to the 2010 lawsuit against the irs filed by z street, a conservative pro-israel nonprofit group, alleging that its. Corruption: a new batch of irs documents shows an agency that's more political than practical besides harassing groups applying for nonprofit status, it went after donors of existing.

irs scandal The seemingly endless irs tea party scandal may be ending as it began with an apology. irs scandal The seemingly endless irs tea party scandal may be ending as it began with an apology. irs scandal The seemingly endless irs tea party scandal may be ending as it began with an apology.
Irs scandal
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